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17 December 2008

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Automating a process can make a big difference to the cost of the end product. Done correctly, it can boost productivity, improve quality and help ensure profitability. However, not all manufacturers have the skill or time to engineer their own automation systems. It is for customers such as these that HepcoMotion provides a complete systems design and manufacturing service.

On its stand at Southern Manufacturing, the company will emphasise its expertise in this field and demonstrate some of the driven linear systems that complete its standard range.

System design is an increasingly important part of the HepcoMotion business. All the customer needs to do is provide an outlined specification; HepcoMotion will then design the system on 3D CAD, submit it to the customer for approval and incorporate any subsequent modifications. The agreed system is then built and thoroughly tested at the HepcoMotion factory in Tiverton, Devon.

For customers who require a standalone unit either belt-, screw- or pneumatically-driven, the HepcoMotion driven range covers applications from low to high load and slow to fast speed. Where exceptional positioning accuracy is necessary, its ball screw drives are recommended. If the application is in an aggressive environment or hygiene is paramount, corrosion-resistant and stainless steel products are available within the standard range.

Complementing these elements are HepcoMotion continuous motion products. These provide low-friction movement for a multitude of tasks and are especially useful where space is at a premium. Complete systems are available with the drive and machine base as in the DTS Driven Track System or as a ring and track system with assembled carriages, the drive then being incorporated within the machine design.

In addition to the mechanical guidance elements, HepcoMotion systems include the necessary fixing plates and machine framework, which can be either supplied completely assembled or in kit form, ready for reassembly on site. Systems range from simple single-axis to multi-motion configurations, but typically provide x, y and z lifting motion. To complete the package, HepcoMotion also offers an excellent choice of motors and control options.

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