Guide aids calculation of hourly rates for preparing quotes

17 April 2009

PSL DataTrack (Prospec Systems Ltd)visit website


To assist manufacturers in calculating hourly rates as part of a production process, a new updated guide has been published by PSL DataTrack, the production and business software specialist for the sub-contract manufacturing sector. The guide includes an easy-to-use table for costs and times, as well as helpful advice, and will appeal to any company involved in batch production or prototyping.

Through its DataTrack software, PSL has vast experience in real-cost calculations of hourly rates for a large number of companies in the manufacturing sector. This software allows organisations to have complete control over production and provides the tools and information required without the complexity or implementation costs of MRP and ERP software installations. Indeed, the calculation of costs relating to manpower, machine utilisation, administration, factory overheads and materials is central to the services offered by PSL DataTrack.

In the current economic climate manufacturing companies need to know as much as possible about fixed and variable costs in order to quote accurately and maintain margins. This FREE guide provides the information required. It is available from PSL DataTrack by emailing or visit the website at

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