ITT to exhibit new interconnects at Eurosatory 2012

11 June 2012

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ITT to exhibit new interconnects at Eurosatory 2012At Eurosatory in Paris, from 11-15 June 2012, ITT Interconnect Solutions is showcasing its new range of MIL-DTL-38999 series III connectors that are claimed to reduce assembly times and costs. The new QPL-approved MIL-DTL-38999 Series III interconnects feature new elastomer technologies for even greater reliability thanks to enhanced sealing throughout the entire connector system. Cavity identifiers are black laser-marked on the white grommets for easy identification for assembly accuracy and reduced assembly rework. Fewer internal parts and a simplified connector construction result in faster and easier final assembly. As well as QPL-qualified Cadmium olive-drab and silver Nickel platings, ITT also offers RoHS-compliant platings specifically for the European market.

To support local European customers and as part of the company's commitment to the military and aerospace markets, ITT ICS also recently announced a major £500,000 investment at its new European 38999 connector assembly facility in Basingstoke, UK. The upgraded facility offers streamlined manufacture and assembly - which results in MIL-DTL-38999 connectors with competitive pricing and short lead times.

Trinity MKJ mini-circular connectors

Providing reliable performance for a wide variety of applications, the Trinity MKJ mini circular series features a design that was extensively influenced by input from top-tier military customers manufacturing tactical battlefield equipment, weapons, instrumentation and ruggedised hand-held communications equipment. This innovative series is available with threaded, bayonet and breakaway couplings. Trinity MKJ series interconnects provide similar electrical and mechanical performance to larger and heavier military-standard environmental connectors, yet they are up to 71 per cent lighter and 52 per cent smaller.

Trinity MKJ series connectors use size 23 pin and socket contacts that accommodate 22-28 AWG wires, thereby reducing contact spacing and giving the equivalent electrical performance of size 22 contacts. A split tine contact design provides proven reliability in harsh environments, and interfaces are sealed with a pin fluorosilicone interfacial seal. Rear environmental sealing is achieved with a wire seal grommet. Trinity MKJ series connectors are available with 3.85 rear release crimp receptacles (jam nut, in-line or square flange) or with PCB contact receptacles (square flange or jam nut). Further product features include a rear accessory thread or integral band platform for direct attachment of a cable shield or overmould. All Trinity MKJ series connectors are available with either aluminium alloy or corrosion-resistant steel backshells and jamnuts. Trinity MKJ connectors can withstand up to 20 'g' vibration and up to 300 'g' shock, in accordance with MIL-STD-1344. The operating temperature range is -55degC to +150degC.

ITT ICS describes the Trinity MKJ1 as a durable design for harsh shock and vibration environments featuring double start threads to prevent thread damage and enable full mating in 1.5 turns. The bayonet coupling version, MKJ3, has a quarter-turn locking mechanism. Designated the MJK4, the push/pull mating variant achieves fast mating and breakaway disconnection utilising a canted retention spring mechanism. ITT ICS's proprietary Pogo Pin sprung contact technology is also available. For everyday applications where space and weight are at a premium, the MKJ0 connector with threaded coupling (UN Thread) is very versatile. Trinity MKJ interconnects can withstand up to 2000 mate/unmate cycles.

Nemesis sealed connectors for harsh environments

ITT Interconnect Solutions will also be exhibiting its specialised and highly-acclaimed Nemesis product line. Nemesis series connectors are lightweight, small plan form, ultra-rugged components that remain 100 per cent sealed in both the mated and unmated condition. Incorporating mission-critical innovations for future solider applications, they supply the increased speed and signal integrity demanded by C4I systems and suit applications such as portable computers, weapons, vision systems, headsets, GPS equipment and radios. Up to 50 per cent lighter and 60 per cent smaller than comparable 38999 connectors, profiles across the range have been dramatically reduced, all the way down to the 'no-profile' Space Saver variant that is claimed to have the lowest profile on the market and a 'Ripaway' extra-fast decoupling action. Designed for optimum performance in extreme environments, Nemesis interconnects are fully-sealed to IP67 or IP68 and are constructed from stainless steel for strength and durability.

ITT ICS's canted spring technology not only enables snap-on/breakaway coupling and decoupling, but also 360-degree EMI shielding - which is an important factor with high-speed data signal rates. Further Nemesis design innovations include 'blind mating' for reliable and fast connection without the need for visual assistance. Anti-reflective salt spray-resistant plating on the connector shells protects the vital cable interface and assists soldier concealability on manoeuvres. Human factor considerations include seamless ribbed overmoulding to give a non-slip grip in damp conditions. The Nemesis product line includes four different series variants: Super Clean, Water Tight, High Mating and Space Saver.

Nemesis 'Super Clean' connectors have a patented draw back barrel design that allows cleaning and reconnection in seconds under field conditions. The Nemesis pogo pad receptacle design both eliminates the necessity for dust-caps and removes harsh environment 'fouling' - which can be a problem with non-pad receptacles.

Nemesis Water Tight connectors have a snap-on/breakaway or push/pull coupling system and are fully sealed to IP68 (>20m depth). The range utilises ITT ICS's micro-twist pin gold contacts, which guarantee in excess of 2500 mating cycles, and the operating temperature range is -40 to +100degC.

Sealed to IP67, Nemesis High Mating interconnects are available with snap-on/breakaway coupling and use pogo pin contact technology that is guaranteed to 10,000 mating cycles. The pogo pins and pad contacts have gold-over-nickel plating with a contact rating of 2A continuous, 3A peak. Nemesis High Mating connectors are designed to accept AWG sizes 24-32.

Claimed to be the first interconnect of its type, the Nemesis Space Saver connector has an ultra-low profile (almost 'no-profile') that is designed to reduce the overall weight burden of wearable and portable military equipment. Canted spring technology provides a snap-on/ripaway coupling to prevent personnel from being endangered should a cable snag.

To see any of the product described above, or to discuss particular applications, visit ITT Interconnect Solutions on Stand F-788 in Hall 5A at Eurosatory 2012. Alternatively, go to

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