Electro-hydraulic actuators - free White Paper

24 June 2010

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Electro-hydraulic actuators - free White PaperParker Hannifin has published a free White Paper looking at the latest compact electro-hydraulic actuator technology for use in space -critical industrial, mobile and remote applications. The publication of the new White Paper also coincides with the launch of a dedicated website promoting the company's recently introduced Compact EHA Electro-Hydraulic double-acting actuator; this innovative actuator is a fully integrated, freestanding unit capable of delivering extremely high power density.

Parker's electro-hydraulic actuator technology has been developed to provide an alternative to the use of conventional linear motion technologies, such as electromechanical and pneumatic drives, in applications where high power is required from actuators with a small envelope, or where no mains electricity supply is readily available.

The new White Paper has been written for use by design and production engineers and explains how compact electro-hydraulic devices work and looks at their relative advantages and disadvantages over other methods of linear actuation.

Download the White Paper for free from, and take the opportunity to see details of Parker's Compact EHA actuator at the same site.

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