KHK gears available more widely in Europe

04 October 2010

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KHK gears available more widely in EuropeR.A. Rodriguez has been appointed KHK's master distributor for Europe with effect from 1 November 2010. This is because R.A. Rodriguez has been so successful at selling KHK gears in the UK, which prompted the Japanese manufacturer to reconsider its distribution strategy. Thanks to the efforts and expertise of R.A. Rodriguez, the UK has become KHK's second largest export market for gears, behind North America.

It is in recognition of the company's achievement in this regard - and in anticipation of replicating this outstanding performance in other markets - that RA Rodriguez is being appointed KHK's master distributor for Europe.

For European manufacturers, the benefits of this development are the availability of more KHK parts stocked in greater volume, which, in turn, will result in keener prices. Specifiers will also be able to take advantage of greater flexibility, as lower shipment costs will justify orders for smaller batch sizes and even one-offs. Faster deliveries will be another advantage.

Peter Williamson from R.A. Rodriguez states: "KHK gears are recognised as quality and reliable products in the UK and we are looking forward to promoting their merits in the wider Europe. To this end we have already made several key distributor appointments and will be announcing more in the near future."

R. A. Rodriguez now has distributors under its command that represent KHK's interests in Scandinavia, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. Ultimately it is seeking to develop an effective network that will cover the whole of continental Europe.

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