Eriks acquires California Seal and Fastener (Cal Seal)

18 April 2011

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Eriks has acquired California Seal and Fastener, Inc (Cal Seal), of Santa Clara, USA. Cal Seal is a leading US supplier of speciality sealing, vacuum components and accompanying logistics services, with facilities in Santa Clara, CA, Portland, OR and Austin, TX. Cal Seal's wide range of consumable spares and preventative maintenance parts and supplies further increases Eriks' presence in the semiconductor and other high-tech markets. Cal Seal will become part of Eriks Seals and Plastics, Inc, one of the company's divisions in the USA.

This strategic acquisition enables Eriks to enhance its client base in the USA semiconductor industry and further strengthen its product and service offerings. Customers will benefit as the capabilities of these two leading companies are merged to provide even greater product availability, engineering and logistics support.

About California Seal and Fastener, Inc

Cal Seal was established in 1980 to support the Semiconductor and other high-tech industries with a wide variety of products and services. Cal Seal's VMI Programs include a wide range of consumable spares and preventative maintenance parts and supplies. Since then, Cal Seal expanded its product lines to serve additional markets, including: solar, food and pharmaceutical, life sciences, scientific instruments, and other general industrial applications.

About Eriks Seals and Plastics, Inc

Eriks Seals and Plastics, Inc, a USA division of Eriks, focuses on sealing and custom plastics products, offering related technical and logistics services for the consumer products, food and beverage, heavy equipment manufacturing, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, power generation, semiconductor, transportation, and the water and wastewater industries. Eriks Seals and Plastics is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, and has facilities in several USA states. Eriks also has significant operations in the USA flow market through its wholly owned subsidiaries, Rawson, Inc, Newdell, Inc and Diamond Gear Company, Inc.

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