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06 June 2011

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Website features sensors, controls and technical resourcesGems Sensors and Controls has launched its new web site that extends the reach of the company's sensor and control products, and design and manufacturing services, to design engineers involved in the development of fluid control systems. It features expanded content, reorganised for easier access, a more intuitive product selection process - including sorting by sensing type and application - plus an all-new search-driven online catalogue.

Engineers can now find the fluid sensors they need simply by specifying attributes such as sensing technology (eg electro-optic, conductive, capacitance and buoyancy), wetted materials, pressure and temperature requirements, media type and mounting methods. The redesign incorporates bold colours and graphics and easy-to-use navigational tools.

John Hurd, Sales Programme Manager for Gems Sensors and Controls, comments: "Our online visitors will now experience a more vibrant and seamless view of Gems Sensors and Controls and its deep online resources. It is an open house that we have streamlined to provide access to our very rich content, making virtual visits to Gems more exciting, useful, informative, and fruitful than ever."

In addition to a catalogue of thousands of sensors and controls for fluid systems, the new website offers a vast resource of technical information relating to the technologies, applications, installation and maintenance of the products that Gems manufactures and sells.

Visit the new Gems Sensors and Controls website at

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