HepcoMotion ALR aluminium rings to be unveiled at PPMA Show

13 June 2011

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HepcoMotion ALR aluminium rings to be unveiled at PPMA ShowHepcoMotion will be on Stand G61 at the 2011 PPMA Show to promote its linear motion products, ex-stock components, custom designs and multi-axis systems complete with motion control.

One of the key benefits of the HepcoMotion product programme for those involved in food and beverage processing is that stainless steel is a standard choice. It is not priced as a 'special' and not subject to long lead times. Furthermore, HepcoMotion provides a range of stainless steel and corrosion-resistant elements that can be mixed and matched so that the optimum combination of hygiene, wear and performance can be achieved.

Within the scope of the corrosion-resistant range, new products will feature too. One example is the HepcoMotion ALR aluminium rings pictured above. Circular motion is a field in which the company has considerable expertise and a wide product range. This introduction broadens the scope of its rotary movement to include medium precision, light duty applications.

Polymer-coated guide wheels

Bishop-Wisecarver DualVee polymer over-moulded guide wheels with integral studs make a significant contribution to the ring's virtually noiseless operation. They run exceptionally smoothly with little friction or wear on the ring vees. All metal parts are stainless steel and the shielded wheel bearings are lubricated for life.

The ALR rings are machined from high-strength aluminium alloy and are anodised to give an excellent combination of durability and corrosion resistance. The attractive finish provides an excellent running surface for the DualVee polymer wheels.

DualVee Motion Technology (DMT) has been an integral part of the HepcoMotion product range for many years and continues to prove a popular choice for anti-friction guidance mechanisms typically in pick-and-place units and packaging machinery that do not require the high precision provided by the HepcoMotion GV3 system.

To provide a stable platform for higher load carrying capacity, DMT elements can also be used to create a wide-span linear motion system. In a matter of minutes a broad-based, low-profile and higher-capacity system can be created with the inherent DMT performance benefits of smooth and quiet operation. Visit HepcoMotion on Stand G61 at the PPMA Show or contact the company now for more information about any of the products mentioned above.

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