ConMon app for managing hydraulic oil and fuel filters

13 September 2011

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ConMon app for managing hydraulic oil and fuel filtersParker Hannifin's Filtration Division has released what is claimed to be the industry's first condition monitoring app as a free download from the iTunes App Store. The ConMon app features two programs that enable users to measure the degree of filtration required for their systems, and the frequency at which fluids should be tested. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad or iTouch devices, offering a new, swift and convenient way to ensure that hydraulic oil and fuel systems are safe from contamination, thereby helping to reduce costly delays caused by equipment failure and downtime.

The ConMon app features two key programs: ISO Code Generator and Frequency Analysis. The ISO Code Generator offers the opportunity for users to enter details about their machinery via an interactive questionnaire, the results of which offer a recommendation for how clean the system needs to be. Users can then measure the current level of contamination to see if it is within this recommended limit. Having done so, the user is then able to gain more feedback about their own specific needs using the Frequency Analysis program that balances issues such as machine sensitivity and likely downtime costs, then reports back with guidelines for how often to sample in order to achieve maximum efficiency. These statistics can provide vital guidance to users who may be unwittingly running their systems with inefficient or damaging levels of contamination and enables them to judge the most cost-effective option when purchasing condition monitoring equipment.

Shaun Skilton, the Product Manager for Parker Hannifin Hydraulic Filter Division Europe's Condition Monitoring Business Unit, had the initial idea for the app, as he recognised a need to help sales staff and customers achieve a deeper understanding of condition monitoring technology, and to give them access to advice and information when and where they need it most. He comments: "We have given presentations and literature to sales staff and customers before, but it seemed to me that what they really need is the ability to gather specific information quickly and easily, on the spot, to evaluate the performance of any given system. Now that so many people are using smart phones it seemed that such devices offered a convenient and powerful way to make that evaluation possible."

Within hours of the ConMon download becoming available, Skilton and his colleagues were inundated with positive feedback. "Our sales people are very happy because the app enables them to answer the most important questions that customers ask there and then. And this is only the beginning. Once our customers discover ConMon, there is a whole range of additional features we have lined up to add to the app."

The ConMon app also features live news and twitter feeds, one-click routes to the Parker website and Filtration Division's email address, a regularly updated selection of useful facts, and more.

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