NI publishes 2012 Automated Test Outlook report

14 February 2012

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National Instruments has published its 2012 Automated Test Outlook, which contains findings from the company's research into the latest test and measurement technologies and methodologies. The report details trends affecting numerous industries including consumer electronics, automotive, semiconductor, aerospace and defence, medical devices and communications. With insight from the report, engineers and managers can take advantage of the latest strategies and best practices for optimising any test organisation.

The 2012 report is organised into five categories: Business Strategy, Architectures, Computing, Software and I/O. It discusses the following major trends:

  • Optimising Test Organisations: Organisations are elevating test engineering to a strategic asset to gain a competitive edge over the competition.
  • Measurements and Simulation in the Design Flow: Combining sophisticated models with real-world measurements improves product quality and reduces development time.
  • PCI Express External Interfaces: The high-speed, low-latency bus internal to the PC is empowering new system topologies with external interface enhancements.
  • Proliferation of Mobile Devices: The scenario of a 'smartphone in every pocket and a tablet in every bag' is changing how test systems are being controlled and monitored.
  • Portable Measurement Algorithms: New tools are making it possible for measurement IP to be developed once and then deployed to a wide array of disparate processing elements.

NI's 2012 Automated Test Outlook is based on input from academic and industry research, user forums and surveys, business intelligence and customer advisory board reviews. With this data as its foundation, the report delivers a broad representation of the next generation of trends for meeting the business and technical challenges in test and measurement.

The Automated Test Outlook is part of the NI Test Leadership Council, which National Instruments created to share the best practices collected from working with thousands of global customers across multiple industries. The NI Test Leadership Council facilitates peer discussions among the leaders in test to provide both business and technical insight. Test Leadership Council activities include leadership summits, facilitated peer networking and technology exchanges.

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National Instruments Corporation (UK) Ltdvisit website
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