Regal consolidates global brands

16 May 2013

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Regal is consolidating its global production into four main brands: Marathon, Leeson, Fasco and Genco, as it seeks to redouble its market recognition. Like all of today’s major motor makers it has acquired a number of manufacturing companies over the years, generally maintaining the existing brands at least in the medium term. Regal was formed in 1950 as a buy-out from US conglomerate General Electric and has always sought to grow both organically and acquisitively, the latter method being used particularly for establishing a presence in new geographic regions.

Lucie Hodkova, UK National Sales and Quality Manager for Regal Beloit UK (RBC UK) and Rotor UK, explains: “Naturally this leads to a proliferations of brands. We have now reached a point in our development where it is beneficial for the market if we bring groups of similar motors together under unified identities.”

Marathon has manufacturing in the UK, US, India, China, Italy, Mexico, Brazil and Germany, and its name is recognised around the world. Now Dutchi motors from the Netherlands and CMG from Australia are to adopt the Marathon name. CMG UK is now RBC UK promoting the Marathon IEC and NEMA ranges and Hwada in China will also come under Marathon.

Hodkova says: “We employ nearly 6000 people in China alone, across 12 different facilities. It makes commercial sense to bring them all together under one global brand so that users appreciate the strength in depth that we offer.”

Other brands within Regal Beloit’s US$3.7bn, 27,000 person group includes Unico, Lincoln Motors, Grove Gear and Electra Gear. As well as a full range of motors, it supplies variable speed drives, gearboxes, generators, blowers and many related technologies. Annual growth rate is about 25 per cent. Globally it operates a Lean Six Sigma continuous improvement culture and is particularly focused on improving energy efficiency.

Its motor range includes low, medium and high voltage motors to Nema and IEC standards, single and three phase, synchronous and asynchronous, AC and DC, squirrel cage, permanent magnet, agricultural motors, marine motors, custom and special motors, washdown, explosion proof and many other variants.

Hodkova observes: “Motor manufacture has been trending towards full globalisation for 10 or 20 years. As world number two we are ahead of the curve, and it is right that we celebrate this fact by developing a strong brand.”

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