Schroff ServicePLUS customisation service

28 August 2013

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Schroff ServicePLUS customisation servicePentair is promoting its Schroff ServicePLUS customisation service for subracks and cases. This service offers a series of options, which includes configuration, assembly, modification, etc. For the design of individual subracks and cases the modification and assembly services are of particular interest.

ServicePLUS modification allows custom adaptation of high-quality off-the-shelf products from the product catalogue and is available for quantities of one upward. This option allows standard Schroff products and components to be modified to individual requirements, for example different dimensions in height, width or depth, drilled holes for lamps, LEDs or switches, cut-outs for connectors, consoles, and special colors. The customer thus obtains an individually tailored product that is effectively off the shelf, quickly and cost effectively. Schroff’s front panel service is also included in the ServicePLUS offering, providing individually designed front panels. Depending on the degree of modification required, the customer receives the product within 5 to 10 working days.

ServicePLUS assembly covers the assembly of mechanical, electrical and electronic components by Pentair, and this applies to both modified and off-the-shelf subracks and cases. Here, subracks or cases that are normally supplied as kits are delivered fully assembled, including accessory parts such as guide rails, mounting plates, etc. Backplanes, PSUs, socket strips, fans and fan trays can also be supplied ready fitted. The customer thus obtains a ready-assembled product that includes all internal and accessory parts – saving considerable time, avoiding the need, for example, to study assembly instructions, and as soon as the product is in place the customer can continue with their core activity. For further information about the Schroff ServicePLUS customisation service for subracks and cases see or email .

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