HepcoMotion promotes automation design-and-build capabilities

18 December 2013

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HepcoMotion promotes automation design-and-build capabilitiesUK manufacturers are actively investing in process and materials handling automation, creating competitive edge by reducing production costs and assuring consistent product quality. Purpose-built automation is often the most cost-effective and process-efficient option but not all manufacturers have the skill, or the time, to engineer their own systems. This is where the linear motion specialist, HepcoMotion, can be an important ally.

At Southern Manufacturing, HepcoMotion will therefore be demonstrating not only its latest generation off-the-shelf components, but also its ability to design and manufacture driven assemblies and complete systems. Indeed, the breadth of the HepcoMotion range and wide choice of options available ensures the company is able to create systems that are both optimal for the process and available budget.

Focus products will include the HepcoMotion PRT2 Precision Ring and Track system, with the company being a world leader in continuous motion. Its design and manufacturing capabilities enable any size or shape of ring or circuit to be created. At the show gear driven rings will feature, as will the company's latest innovation, the PRT2 1-Trak. This comprehensive system gives designers complete freedom in 2D bearing track design, far exceeding the scope of traditional technology that is limited to simple combinations of straight lines and constant-radius curves. Cost-efficient, compact and highly reliable automation is assured.

HepcoMotion manufactures a choice of driven systems that cover applications from low to high loads, at slow to fast speeds, in environments that range from ultra-clean to extremely hostile.

Visitors to Stand S50 at Southern Manufacturing (12/13 February 2014) will also be able to see the highly popular SBD Sealed Belt Drive in action, a product that has certainly carved a niche for itself in high duty cycle applications. It has proved to be more than capable of coping with the high loads and demanding duty cycles that often compromise the operating efficiency and life of other linear actuators.

Completing the focus products at Southern Manufacturing is GV3, HepcoMotion's flagship linear motion range. Build quality is key to its superior performance, which complements its 'V' operating principle, a concept that has been continuously developed for more than 50 years. Visit HepcoMotion on stand S50 at Southern Manufacturing or follow the links above to find out more.

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