ABB launches drive train package at Hillhead 2014

09 April 2014

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A drive train package, launched by ABB at Hillhead 2014, demonstrates the benefits of using a single source supplier for all components from electric motors, variable-speed drives, gearboxes, bearings and couplings. If required, a single service contract can be purchased for the entire drive train. However, components such as gearboxes, couplings and bearings are designed for easy and rapid removal and installation, offering major time saving for in-house maintenance teams. Specific features, such as the sealing techniques used in bearings, significantly extend the life cycle of the components. All the benefits are designed to reduce downtime, lower operating costs, improve reliability while increasing productivity levels.

Highlights of the bearings on show includes an adapter sleeve system used on the ISN spherical, ISN hydraulic assisted mounting and GripTight bearings which makes removal and/or installation quicker. An internal bearing puller removes the inner ring from the adapter and then pushes the adapter in the opposite direction out from under the bearing. Utilising the internal puller eliminates the need for special external tools, and allows the bearing to be installed or removed quickly.

The sealing system for these bearings plus the Setscrew ball bearing features flingers that protect the bearing by keeping lubricants in and contaminants out, thereby extending the life of the bearings, increasing up-time by up to 50 per cent, minimising maintenance costs and lowering overall installation costs. The ISN range is a complete unit that is delivered ready out-of-the-box.

ABB’s Dodge Quantis line features three gear motors and reducer products: In-Line Helical (ILH), Motorised Shaft Mount (MSM) and Right Angle Helical-Bevel (RHB). Designed to achieve greater output torque and power ratings and expanded ratio range, the Quantis range can allow the customer to downsize from existing units, resulting in a reduced product cost.

This range features an optional XT harsh duty output seal for wet and abrasive environments. The seal has a quadra lip design, rubber-coated inner and outer seals and a protected seal running surface. ABB Dodge speed reducers come with sealing options that keep dirt and debris out, giving a minimum operating life of 25,000 hours in harsh, high-load conditions such as those found in aggregates applications.

Modular assembly and motor/ reducer packaged combinations provide flexibility and ensure fast delivery. Options including integral motors (for limited space), clamp-collar construction or three-piece coupled construction for increased flexibility. The clamp collar design allows the use of a standard ABB, IEC motor with B5 flange. There is no need to remove pulleys/ sprockets from the drive shaft when the motor goes down. Simply undo the motor flange bolts and clamp collar to replace with a new motor.

Increased torque power ratings

Torque Arm II is a shaft-mount helical gear reducer that mounts directly to the driven shaft with a number of accessories available to produce versatility, cost savings and long life. Significantly increased torque power ratings can be achieved that are comparable with the next larger size of other gear reducers. Its modular design and accessories helps reduce stock holding costs. The gear reducer features a proven, standard twin tapered bushing system with patented short shaft option to allow replacement of straight bore style and single bushed reducers without sacrificing the advantages of the twin tapered system.

Among the many couplings available, ABB Dodge is displaying its Para-Flex, D-Flex and Grid-Lign range. The Para-Flex flexible coupling offers extra bore capacity that allows smaller coupling selections. No lubrication and no need for visual inspection helps save time. Torque is transmitted through a composite element system that is reinforced with torque carrying tension cords and split end reinforcement.

The D-Flex flexible coupling offers reduced vibration. The flange outside diameter is concentric to bore for ease in alignment. The Grid-Lign rigid coupling is interchangeable with other industry standard tapered grid couplings.

These flexible couplings have misalignment capabilities and are able to accommodate torsional, angular and parallel misalignment, while the rigid coupling offers high torque capability with output speed connections for both a motor or speed reducer.

The new synchronous reluctance motor (SynRM) range is available as:

  • IE4 SynRM, cast iron frame sizes 160 to 315 (11 to 315kW)
  • High output (HO) SynRM, aluminium frame sizes 90 to 132 (1.1 to 37kW), and cast iron frame sizes 160 to 315kW (17 to 350kW)

ABB’s new, highly energy-efficient SynRM motor is a motor design that has no rotor windings (no squirrel cage), unlike traditional asynchronous designs. The rotor, therefore, suffers virtually no power losses and its temperature remains lower than in conventional rotors. This helps achieve better power density and higher energy efficiency. In addition, lower temperatures mean longer bearing life and longer re-greasing intervals which extends the maintenance periods. Compared with permanent magnet motors SynRM is lighter, less expensive and easier to repair, yet gives the same performance levels.

ABB’s SynRM has a high output (HO) variant that produces the same power as traditional asynchronous AC motors but in mechanical motor frames which are two sizes smaller. This HO variant boasts IE3 efficiency figures. The second super premium high efficiency variant has the same physical dimensions as a standard synchronous AC motor, but is able to achieve IE4 efficiency levels, which is suitable for minimising energy usage in fan and pump applications.

The SynRM motors bring many advantages over traditional motors including reduced lifetime costs, quieter running, longer greasing intervals and less heat in the control room. The SynRM requires an ABB variable-speed drive to control the speed of the shaft. There are currently three matched packages. One includes the high-performance machinery drive (ACS850), one includes the industry specific water drive (ACQ810) and one includes an ABB industrial drive, ACS880, matched to either an IE4 or HO motor.

Variable-speed drives

The ABB industrial drive, ACS880, is an all-compatible variable-speed drive, designed for every eventuality. Featuring a 4th generation motor control DTC core, the drive is compatible with any motor. Energy saving functions include redundant speed controlled cooling fans, energy optimiser and reporting of kWh, MWh, CO2 emissions and cost, as standard. Innovations include built-in machinery safety functionality. Rated from 0.55 to 5600kW, the ACS880 is available as wall mounted up to 200kW. Modules for cabinets installation and mutlidrives for full process lines are also available.

ABB’s next generation of industrial drives are suitable for applications including cranes, winders, hoists and extruders as well as heavy conveyors common in aggregates production.

To find out more about an ABB turnkey drive train package for the aggregates industry, visit ABB at stand V15 in the outdoor exhibition area of Hillhead 2014, or go to

ABB Automation Technologies (Drives and Motors)visit website
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