Monitor Hirschmann switch status with new HiMobile App

08 May 2014

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Belden Inc. is announcing HiMobile, a new app from its Hirschmann product portfolio. Running on smart phones or tablets, this app improves network availability by allowing users to access status information about switches from almost anywhere. This enables administrators to respond immediately to error messages even without a PC. To avoid typing errors on the smaller keypads used on these devices, IP addresses can also be entered by scanning a QR code affixed to the switches. A further alternative is to select network devices from lists.

HiMobile is particularly suitable for applications that depend on seamless processes and reliable data communication. Possible application scenarios include machinery for the food and beverage industry, material handling systems, printing presses, and robotics. The app can be used to improve network availability in the oil and gas sector or in power generation from wind power and solar energy just as effectively as in road and rail transport or at airports or ports. Product Manager Mark Cooksley says: “Used together with the Industrial HiVision network management software, the HiMobile app is the perfect solution for mobile monitoring of network devices.”

The management software acts as the server and the app as the client. Access to the server is possible via WLAN, Ethernet or a 3G mobile connection, and can be protected by a password. The status information for network devices is read-only and cannot be updated. To make changes to the network a mobile worker needs to login to the full version of Industrial HiVision. HiMobile runs on browser-enabled mobile devices under the Apple, Android or Windows Phone operating systems.

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