Take the Olmec Vision Challenge at the PPMA Show!

08 July 2014

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Olmec UK is inviting visitors to beat a vision system in the popular game of ‘Scissors, Paper, Stone’ at the PPMA Show. All visitors to Booth E22 will have to do is to place their hand in either a ‘scissors’, ‘paper’ or ‘stone’ shape into the inspection area and the vision system will instantaneously display its own choice. Can it be beaten? This is a lighthearted way of demonstrating just some of the capabilities of high-speed imaging and shape recognition, and experts will be on hand to explain exactly how it works – win or lose!

Also on show will be VisionPerfoControl, a vision-based system for true real-time monitoring of perforation quality of laser-perforated, flexible modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) for the food industry. Capable of inspecting the extruded web material with hole sizes from 50–350um at web speeds up to 400m/min, VisionPerfoControl was developed in partnership with Rofin-Baasel, a world leader in laser systems for MAP. The vision system checks that each hole is present and measures it to ensure it meets specification.

Olmec has extensive experience in the design and implementation of end-of-line inspection systems, many of which feature high-speed code and OCR reading. These capabilities will also be demonstrated at the show.

Visit Olmec at Booth E22, PPMA Show, NEC, Birmingham, 30th September–2nd October 2014, or go to to learn more about the company’s vision systems.

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