White paper explains how to reduce compressor energy usage

18 March 2015

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White paper explains how to reduce compressor energy usageBOGE Compressors is releasing a new free white paper that explains how to reduce energy use in compressed air generation whilst maintaining the performance of a compressed air supply. With up to 30 per cent of a site’s total electricity usage often used to produce compressed air, this free white paper offers guidance on how to tackle high and costly usage by boosting energy efficiency.

The white paper covers a variety of topics that contribute to effectively maximising energy efficiency when generating compressed air and optimising compressor performance. This includes detecting leaks, enabling businesses to identify energy losses with the intention of implementing change to prevent unnecessary costs, and heat recovery, for the purpose of reusing energy for applications such as water and space heating.

It also provides an explanation of the best methods for achieving energy savings when operating two or more compressors, which is accomplished via a modern electronic central controller, and outlines the role of energy surveys in generating energy savings.

Mark Whitmore, General Manager at BOGE, says: “This white paper is a valuable tool to businesses that are interested in improving the efficiency of their compressors and compressed air systems in a cost-effective manner. The benefits of enhanced energy efficiency extend further than simply reducing emissions; businesses also have the opportunity to make significant energy cost savings.”

Please follow the link to download the free white paper.

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