Automation in enclosure assembly

08 April 2015

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Automation in enclosure assemblyThere are many and varied benefits to automation which a large number of industry sectors have clearly embraced. It seems strange then that so many panel builders, given they are regular suppliers to these sectors, have been slow to embrace the clear benefits of automation themselves.

Rittal’s acquisition of Kiesling in 2013 was a milestone in the company’s ability to support its customers. The machines and products from Kiesling now facilitate the optimisation of the complete work-flow in panel building manufacture, from machining of the panel parts and automated wiring of the panels to testing of the finished panel, supported by a diversity of handling systems such as the Assemblex.

This joint expertise aligned with Rittal’s other subsidiary companies Eplan (design) and Cideon (technical IT integration) means that automating the production of control panels has now become far more accessible.

It means panel builders can, if they wish, provide end-to-end services and products throughout their value chain, while optimisation of the whole work flow is possible, from the design to the technical IT integration.

As if to underline this point, Rittal’s sales in automation equipment and software are up year on year, indicating that some, if not all, panel builders are taking advantage of the opportunities automation presents.

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