Risk assessment pads help to improve workplace safety

15 July 2015

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Risk assessment pads help to improve workplace safetySafe Machine Ltd is launching a easy-to-use pre-work risk assessment pads to assist those conducting on-site pre-work risk assessments; the pads aid in documenting the procedure adequately and assessing the wide range of risks thoroughly.

Commenting on the launch of the pads, Derek Coulson, principal consultant for Safe Machine, says: "These pads are bespoke to Safe Machine but they take their list of hazards from the HSE. They are suitable for use by anyone doing something for the first time; for example, service engineers going to sites they have never been to, or maintenance people doing jobs they have not done before. They are for use with a method statement and risk assessment, and are intended to make people think about what they are going to do, on-site, before starting work, to make sure they have all of the correct equipment in place and have considered the hazards before jumping in."

In 2003 Conoco Philips carried out a study that showed one fatality occurred for every 300,000 'at-risk behaviours.' Workers in the engineering, manufacturing and processing industries in the UK often demonstrate an unacceptable number of 'at-risk behaviours' simply because they do not have an understanding of how to conduct a proper risk assessment, or because they feel under too much time pressure to conduct one. Safe Machine's pads of pre-work risk assessment forms are a simple tool that focuses the mind of the person doing the job so they can quickly, but thoroughly, ensure that the work they are about to undertake is safe.

Derek Coulson adds: "With a paper form workers can assess their risk using a simple scoring system that asks them to document the likelihood and consequence of an injury. If the score is in the red or yellow sector then a control measure must be put in place before carrying out the task. Only when the risks are understood, and controlled, should the task be undertaken."

Pads come in A4 and pocket-sized A6 sizes and can be modified for individual companies with logos and hazard lists if required. For further information about the pre-work risk assessment pads visit

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