Recognition worldwide for Henkel products

04 January 2016

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Recognition worldwide for Henkel productsIn 2015, Henkel Adhesive Technologies again received more than 30 awards from customers around the world. These prizes have been granted among various industries for categories such as quality, excellence and innovation.

Henkel Adhesive Technologies is a provider for adhesives, sealants and functional coatings worldwide. Based on its comprehensive technology portfolio and the expert knowledge of its global specialists the Henkel business unit develops tailor-made products that offer added value for around 130.000 direct customers in various markets.

Adhesive know-how for example is a key ingredient in the production processes of the automotive industry. FCA US LLC (FCA US), a subsidiary of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V., thus counts on innovative products from Henkel and granted the company for its outstanding performance with its “Excellence in Supply Award”.

Adhesive Technologies also received the “Outstanding Supplier Award” from Hengan International Group, China’s largest manufacturer of household tissue paper, feminine sanitary napkins, and baby diapers, in appreciation for Henkel’s recent efforts in this long-lasting partnership.

Independent Carton Group recently granted its “Supplier of the Year” award to Henkel. Adhesive Technologies successfully competed against 40 competitors in terms of quality, service and flexibility.

International media have also been keen to recognise the customised offerings that Henkel provides. The electronics journal “EM Asia Magazine” chose Henkel for its “EM Innovation Award” in recognition of the innovation Loctite GC 10, the first-ever temperature stable solder paste. The trade press magazine “Circuit Assembly Magazine” gave an award to Loctite GC 10 for newly introduced products - the “NPI Award”. The category of solder materials is always highly competitive, but Loctite GC 10 was the clear winner based on the analysis of factors such as creativity, innovation, flexibility and cost efficiency. As a result of the performance of the new product The Morey Corporation, an US-based electronics manufacturing services partner bringing innovation to the electronics industry, recently expanded the longstanding partnership with Henkel and selected the company as primary solder and adhesives provider.

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