New guide to value engineering from Dawson Shanahan

07 July 2016

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New guide to value engineering from Dawson ShanahanDawson Shanahan is releasing a new guide explaining how to enhance the functionality of components while reducing production cost. Titled ‘Value From Engineering’, the guide explains the idea and history of value engineering as a manufacturing methodology and outlines the many benefits of using the process. This includes enhancing component strength and functionality, simplifying the manufacturing process, cutting the cost of production, and increasing profitable capacity, among others.

The guide, which is available as a free download, gives real-world examples of where and how Dawson Shanahan utilises value engineering to re-engineer components. It discusses the approach, analysis and methods used to save customers money and outlines how eliminating inefficiencies can speed up the production process and how to improve component function without increasing cost or lead times.

Jeff Kiernan, Commercial Director of Dawson Shanahan explains: “Although all engineered products are designed to a budget, individual components within these are often over-engineered and overpriced, resulting in the cost of production being higher than it needs to be. Our new guide explains how systematic analysis of function and cost, using value engineering, can help to identify ways of replicating or improving the function of the product, service, or process but at lower cost. So manufacturers can enhance their products while saving money.”

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