Control Technologies provides CODESYS Automation Service

22 November 2019

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Control Technologies provides CODESYS Automation ServiceControl Technologies UK, as an approved CODESYS System Partner, is now also offering customers the recently launched CODESYS Automation Service.

After a beta phase of six months, the CODESYS platform for Industry 4.0 has now gone live. Around 100,000 users worldwide work with the IEC 61131-3 system CODESYS, implementing thousands of different applications. The CODESYS Automation Server, a cloud-based platform that was launched in 2018, significantly simplifies controller administration and other typical tasks for system operators. This server not only provides a quick and simple overview of the controllers used, but also simplifies, among other things, the roll-out of applications to several systems, the central storage of control projects and boot applications, and the reinstallation of applications after device replacement.

Over 200 CODESYS users from all over the world took part in a six-month beta phase. Their feedback contributed to the optimisation of the product so that the CODESYS Automation Server could be released for live operation at the end of October 2019. This means that machines and systems in production can now be managed with the new platform. A secure communication is set up via Edge Gateway, which can run as software on a controller or remotely. A new feature is billing via Software as a Service (SaaS): thanks to operation in the cloud, users do not incur any initial costs for installing and maintaining the basic platform. Billing is instead based on the number of managed devices and their storage requirements or data throughput. The monthly basic fee includes the operation of five controllers, as well as 100GB each for projects/applications and data exchange with the controllers. Via the CODESYS Store (, users can set up their Server accounts, monitor monthly expenses or delete their access.

The functional scope of the CODESYS Automation Server will be continually expanded. For the coming year, for example, convenient data recording is planned. The goal is to provide automation engineers with an easy-to-use platform. On the one hand, this platform will provide an immediate benefit for daily tasks; on the other hand, it will save the need for time-consuming training in public cloud systems.

Why CODESYS and CODESYS Automation Server from Control Technologies UK?

As experts in the design, development and delivery of intelligent control, intelligent interfaces and automation control systems – combined as Intelligent Machine Systems – Control Technologies UK uses the very latest technologies and industry-leading intelligent engineering framework that guarantees the output of reliable, robust and cost-effective intelligent machine systems.

With the impressive capabilities offered by CODESYS, as the leading supplier of independent IEC 61131-3 automation software for engineering control and intelligent machine systems, they fit perfectly within the arsenal of tools that are being used by Control Technologies UK. The company has over a decade of experience working with CODESYS, which has been across many different hardware platforms, including those form Bosch Rexroth, STW, iFM, Deep Sea Electronics, Topcon and many others, servicing both the on and off-highway sectors.

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