B&R takes intuitive switch technology operation to new level

07 July 2020

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B&R takes intuitive switch technology operation to new levelB&R says it has “Enabled a unique new form of intuitive operator guidance” with a fresh generation of switch technology: typical operating functions are now incorporated directly into the glass of B&R touch screen panels. Amongst other advantages, the advance is said to eliminate the need for hardware switches in many applications, therefore leaving no opportunity for dirt and grime to either collect or enter a ‘traditional’ switch device. This is one reason why B&R states that the new panels are especially suitable for environments demanding the strictest hygienic standards.

On request, B&R is offering all HMI variants with a projected capacitive touch screen featuring corresponding finger guides. These guides can be any shape and size, enabling optimal integration of all types of sliders and dials in the HMI application. As a result, it opens up the entire screen surface for displaying content, and B&R’s patented tactile finger guides also allow eyes-off operation. It means that operators can adjust settings without ever taking their attention off the machine.

The ergonomic finger guides are approximately one millimetre deep and can be specified with either a matt or clear finish, and the integrated keys and rotary switches never wear out. The panels are available in sizes from 5” up to 24” as either a display unit or Panel PC. As mentioned previously, B&R panels with finger guides are well suited for use in industries and applications where special standards covering hygiene and cleanliness are in place: the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and medical technology industries being good examples. In addition to the easy-to-clean touch screen, the panels are also available with a joint-free stainless steel housing that offers IP69K protection. B&R hygienic-design panels are constructed from highly resistant materials including not just stainless steel but high-quality polyester overlays together with special sealants.

Follow the link for more information about B&R’s touch screen technology.

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