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2008 Archive

Issue 10 9th January 2008 Vision-aided robots and CE marking
Issue 11 6th February 2008 SafeEthernet, sensors and positioning
Issue 12 5th March 2008 Optimistic outlook for machine building market
Issue 13 2nd April 2008 Calling all machine builders
Issue 14 7th May 2008 Safety-critical mechanical components
Issue 15 4th June 2008 New standard for safety distances
Issue 16 2nd July 2008 ISO publishes risk assessment guidance
Issue 17 6th August 2008 New standards harmonised to Machinery Directive
Issue 18 3rd September 2008 Updated standards for machine guards
Issue 19 1st October 2008 Mechanical escapements and servo control
Issue 20 5th November 2008 Machinery safety standards amended
Issue 21 3rd December 2008 How to survive the recession


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