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Editor: Jonathan Severn
5th July 2017

The latest list of Machinery Directive Harmonised Standards was published in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJ) on 9 June. This time there is only one change to the B-Type standards, but plenty of new and amended C-Type standards. These relate to a broad spectrum of machines, including refrigeration systems, log splitters, lifting tables, lawnmowers, textile machinery (various types), cranes and welding fume extraction equipment - plus many others.

As with previous updates to the Harmonised Standards, we have published a useful summary of the additions and amendments so you can see if anything affects what you do.


rqDownloadable eBook compares cobots from different suppliers
This new edition of Robotiq's eBook contains a wealth of information that will help buyers decide which cobots suit their applications and budgets. More?

eoElmo launches 'world's smallest, most powerful servo drive'
Elmo's Gold Twitter Nano 80A/80V drive delivers 5000W of continuous power, yet it weighs just 20g and is small enough to mount on a moving load. More?

sfEntry-level, smartphone-based machine condition monitoring
SKF is launching the handheld QuickCollect sensor that is used with an app for collecting and interpreting machine condition data. More?

tnInch or metric ball screws: not just a question of units
This article from Thomson Industries explains why you should not choose inch or metric series ball screws on the basis of the units of measurement. More?

srTeSys D Green range of energy-efficient contactors
Schneider's new contactors cut energy consumption by 80 per cent, generate half as much heat and require less space than electromechanical contactors. More?


paPPMA project management and sales training courses, August 2017
Next month the PPMA is running two courses, 'Effective Sales Skills for Non-Sales People' and 'Introduction to Project Management'. More?

srStemmer Imaging Vision Technology Forum 2017
This year's forum has a two-day format, with hands-on training, seminars, live demonstrations and an 'Integrator Zone' with real-world applications. More?


leLee Spring launches catalogue range of High Pressure springs
New from Lee Spring, High Pressure compression springs feature heavy-gauge wire and small diameters for high force capacity and small deflections. More?

mcModular safety controller does not require programming
Mechan Controls is launching the CAT4/SIL3/PLe EM-Series modular safety controller that can be expanded to handle up to 30 safety input devices. More?

mnMclennan is exclusive UK and Ireland sales partner for Phytron
Mclennan is now supplying Phytron's comprehensive range of specialist and extreme environment stepper motor, drive and motion systems. More?

hlNew Universal Structural Bonders for dissimilar substrates
Loctite hybrid adhesives achieve a remarkable combination of high bond strength, rapid curing and durability on metals, plastics and rubbers. More?

rrCustomisable mobile industrial robot with 200kg payload
RARUK Automation is introducing the MiR200 mobile industrial robot that can transport twice as much as the MiR100 that was launched last year. More?

lzFive factors to consider when specifying automation
Mark Turner of Lenze explains what to consider when selecting automation technologies, as the long-term implications can be considerable. More?

urCompact, dexterous robot improves production of hearing aids
A Universal Robots UR5 is replacing conventional robots that had become unsuitable for handling the ever-smaller parts used in hearing aids. More?

lzNew safety relays and safety controllers from Leuze electronic
Leuze electronic is expanding its range of machinery safety products, with a new generation of programmable safety controllers and more safety relays. More?

hgMiss M8ty - enabling Ethernet from the sensor to the cloud
Harting's heroine, Miss M8ty, is championing the company's new compact M8 D-coded connector for Ethernet connectivity at the device level. More?

brNew filtration technology dramatically enhances performance
Bosch Rexroth's new hydraulic filters incorporate materials that deliver optimum performance while reducing operating costs through longer service intervals. More?

pzSuper-slim safety light curtains for finger and hand detection
Pilz is offering its new slimline light curtains in Type 2 and Type 4 versions for finger or hand detection, with protective heights from 150 to 1200mm. More?

soFive ways to future-proof industrial products
David Kelly of Southco presents five concepts that manufacturers must embrace to ensure the long-term success of industrial products and applications. More?


Meet Kevin, the immersive VR employee
This week the Pointy-Haired Boss introduces a new member of staff. Watch the story unfold.  More?

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