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Editor: Jonathan Severn
2nd May 2018

A new list of Machinery Directive Harmonised Standards has been published in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJ). These standards provide a presumption of conformity with the essential health and safety requirements (EHSRs) of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, so anyone 'placing machines on the market' in the European Economic Area, Switzerland and Turkey needs to know what is in the current list of Harmonised Standards.

Since 2011 we have reviewed each new list and summarised the additions and changes. The latest analysis shows an amendment to one B-Type standard (relating to measurement of noise emissions) and around 20 changes, additions and amendments to C-Type standards. These relate to widely varying classes of machine including escalators, variable-reach trucks, mowers, chain-saws, laser equipment, railbound construction and maintenance machines, tractors, sawing machines, woodworking machines and hand-held portable power tools. There are others too, so follow the link to read our report on the new list of Harmonised Standards.


efHalf of UK manufacturers have experienced cyber attacks
A new report from EEF and AIG highlights UK manufacturers' vulnerability to cyber threats and urges businesses to take steps to protect themselves. More?

caCoupler enables interoperability between CC-Link IE and Profinet
Thanks to a new coupler manufactured by Hilscher, CC-Link IE and Profinet systems can now communicate with ease.  More?

krAccelerometer combines low noise with wide range from DC to 2kHz
Kistler's new Type 8396A triax accelerometer features an integrated signal amplifier and is suitable for use in harsh operating conditions. More?

eaIP65 latches for specialist cabinet locking systems
Designed for industrial and similar applications, Elesa is now offering IP65 lever latches, swinghandles and recessed push handle latches. More?


psProfibus, Profinet and IO-Link seminar
This PI UK seminar addresses practical issues arising from the use of digital communications technologies in manufacturing and process industries. More?

paSeminar: Application of EN standards to machinery guarding
This seminar, organised by the PPMA, will be useful for almost anyone with responsibility for guarding on new and existing machinery. More?

mcDesign, management and maintenance of alarms and alarm systems
Managing alarms is more complex than many people realise, so M.A.C. Solutions is running an alarm management practitioner training course. More?


mnCompact all-in-one StepSERVO linear actuators available from Mclennan
AMP's NEMA size 11 TBSM11 StepSERVO actuators are now available with integral precision ball screws or lead screws and anti-backlash nuts. More?

prEmail newsletter covers all aspects of machinery safety
Procter Machine Safety is relaunching its newsletter ready for the new GDPR data protection legislation - find out more and register now! More?

hmClipX next-generation signal conditioner is easy to integrate
HBM says that ClipX is setting new standards for single- and multiple-channel industrial measurement and control applications. More?

ahECO series linear stages: low cost of ownership in linear motion
Aerotech's cost-effective ECO series linear stages combine high performance with rugged mechanical design and a wide choice of options. More?

isApp-based industrial cameras now with colour sensors
IDS is launching a new model of NXT app-based industrial camera with a colour sensor, auto-focus, ToF sensor and onboard data processing. More?

skNext-generation photoelectric sensors are more user-friendly
Sick's latest sensors benefit from optical and communications technologies that improve usability and ensure excellent detection reliability. More?

ieNew intelligent IoT gateway systems for industrial environments
Two new-generation Intel-based intelligent IoT gateway systems from IBASE will benefit industrial control and factory automation applications. More?

ndGeared motors are corrosion-resistant for shellfish processing
Nord's robust, reliable and corrosion-resistant geared motors with nsd tupH surface treatment are used by a shellfish processor for driving conveyors. More?

tsFriction torque limiters: low-cost protection for machinery
The ComInTec torque limiters offered by Techdrives are available with torques ranging from 1 to 23,000Nm and shaft sizes from 4 to 140mm. More?

bnHow much stock should your bearing supplier hold?
Craig Clydesdale of Bowman International explains the many ways customers benefit when their supplier holds more than the 'optimum' stock level. More?

isWebinar: how low-cost automation can benefit your business
Watch this recorded webinar to find out more about igus automation components and to see examples of low-cost automation and robotics. More?

Pilz upgrades PSENmlock modular safety gate system
Enhancements to the PSENmlock safety gate system provide more functionality, improve diagnostics and reduce downtime. More?


Did you find what you were looking for?
This week the Pointy-Haired Boss looks for Alice, Dogbert locates a missing item and customers find the user interface confusing.  More?

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