T12 torque transducer has low measurement uncertainty

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HBM's new T12 digital torque transducer offers excellent dynamic measuring capability, high accuracy and secure digital data transmission and processing. However, in order to benefit from the transducer's full capabilities, it is vital that high-performance mountings are used, such as HBM's own BSD Moduflex couplings. The Moduflex couplings do not degrade the T12 torque transducer's low measurement uncertainty (0.03 per cent accuracy) when used within the design specifications. The couplings' minimal play also ensures the correct application of torque.

The couplings are maintenance- and wear-free, corrosion-resistant and compact - and are well matched to the T12's design.

Moduflex couplings have been designed to work with the T12 digital torque transducer without modification. When combined, the T12 and Moduflex couplings can be used horizontally or vertically and allow the use of high-endurance components to ensure high reliability.

Purchasing and administration costs are reduced because both the coupling and transducer can be sourced from HBM. The products are aimed at applications that include highly dynamic measurements on test stands used to develop systems such as power transmissions.

Currently the T12 is available in four measuring ranges, with maximum capacities of +500Nm, +1kNm, +2kNm and +3kNm.

28 September 2006

HBM United Kingdom Ltdvisit website
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