Data collector ensures traceability of pressed assemblies

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HBM's MP85A FASTpress mounting and fitting monitoring unit helps manufacturers to achieve the highest quality standards and allows process data to be traced back to individual components, even years later.

The unit does this through three different stages, providing increasingly detailed information.

In the first stage, a process number is assigned to each component; this includes an indication of whether the component fits properly (OK/NOK result) and allows go/no-go components to be documented easily.

The next stage provides statistics for each individual process, including the fit/no-fit distribution for each element in the process. This data can be used to identify causes of errors such as frequent violations of the block window, which may indicate a potential problem with the centring actuator. The window data can be viewed individually for each parameter set and each window.

The last stage includes complete logging of all process parameters such as measurement curve, individual results, statistical data and component part number. This allows a complete picture of the process to be built up, even after a lapse of several years. For example, if, following delivery of a shipment, an increasing number of failures occurs, raw data for these components can be re-evaluated and applied to other stored process data, allowing future customer complaints to be anticipated and action to be taken before an issue arises.

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