SEW-Eurodrive unveils explosion-proof geared motors

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The operation of systems in areas with explosive air-gas or air-dust mixtures requires drive units equipped with special protection features. This requirement makes explosion-proof motors and gear units subject to increased safety features.

The new regulation 94/9/EG (ATEX100a) contains all requirements for units operating in areas with increased danger of explosion and, for the first time, includes non-electrical devices in the explosion protection section. SEW-Eurodrive is now offering explosion-proof motors and gear units (in preparation) conforming to ATEX100a regulation that offer many additional features.

All drives are equipped with a standard IP54 enclosure. The gray cast terminal box has a threading with metric cable gland meeting the requirements of ATEX100a. The gaskets are of improved quality to increase heat resistance; an external protective conductor connection has been installed. Reinforced fan guards and brake sealing rings, additionally retained with clamping strips, are also standard.

Vertical drives are equipped with a protective cover and there is a speed- or stalling-monitoring feature for mechanical variable speed gear units.

SEW-Eurodrive meets all quality requirements regarding unit safety. Any problems occurring during system operation will be analysed and considered according to the three unit safety categories.

SEW is offering motors for explosion-proof operating conditions with the following type of explosion protection:

In operating conditions with explosive air-gas-mixtures, the drives meet the requirements for 'flameproof enclosure', 'increased safety' or 'type of protection n'. For areas with explosive air-dust mixtures, the standard 'Electrical devices for the operation in areas with flammable dust' (Elektrische Betriebsmittel zur Verwendung in Bereichen mit brennbarem Staub') has been met.

SEW-Eurodrive's production process has been audited and certified according to ATEX100a regulation.

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