High-speed colour camera captures up to 200,000 frames/second

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Firstsight Vision is introducing the CamRecord 1000 camera that uses CMOS sensor technology to provide high-speed colour image sequences with excellent image quality. Excellent for a wide variety of high-speed industrial inspection applications, the camera can be used as a flexible inspection tool within a manufacturing environment to provide highly detailed information to establish the source of faults on various production lines. The CamRecord 1000 is housed in a compact enclosure that is both rugged and dust-proof, allowing it to be considered for use in more demanding environments.

The CamRecord 1000 has an integrated video memory of up to 4Gigabytes and uses the FireWire interface for easy interconnection. This combination makes the camera easy to handle and provides the operator with a wide choice of computer operating environments to view and store the camera's high-speed sequences. The camera has a sensitivity of 1600 bits/lux-second @ 550nm (monochrome), or 50 ASA colour. The CamRecord 1000 offers frame rates up to an astonishing 1000 frames per second (fps) at 1280 x 1024pixels, and higher frame-rates of up to 200,000 fps can be achieved by reducing the spatial resolution.

The camera boasts a global shutter with exposure times down to 1us with an accuracy better than 99.9 per cent, freezing even the fastest movements and eliminating the image artifacts that are often prevalent with other shutter technologies. The PIV mode, with internal or external timing control, adds to the flexibility of the product.

The CamRecord is available with either 2 or 4Gigabytes of internal memory, and uses either C-Mount or Nikon F-Mount (optional) lenses.

The CamRecord 1000 is supplied with a turnkey software system running under Windows that provides full control of the camera. The convenient Auto-Trigger mode provides an intensity-variation-based trigger in a defined region of interest to automatically start recording without input from an operator or external control system. It allows images to be displayed in real time for optical alignment or to acquire sequences of images for later image analysis. Export of sequences in industry-standard movie formats allows the images to be displayed within presentations and common multi-media players. Application areas for the CamRecord 800 include: industrial vision applications; science and military (process inspection); as well as process and fault analysis.

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