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Extended temperature version of ThinkIO-PKontron has released a new version of its ThinkIO-P Industrial PC (IPC) designed to work over a greater heat range with less power consumption than previous models. The extended temperature version of the Kontron ThinkIO-P covers an extended temperature range (-40 to +70C) thanks to an ultra-low voltage processor.

According to industry standards, a typical temperature range for IPCs is 0C to + 55C. However, temperatures in many areas of use deviate considerably from this norm in both extremes. The extended temperature range is achieved by means of suitably temperature-resistant components and an ingenious passive cooling concept that is fan-less both inside and outside. With an optional field bus, the extended temperature range is between -20 and +70C; for the optional Wago I/O system 750, Wago offers selected components for a temperature range of -20 to +60C.

The extended temperature range Kontron ThinkIO-P is equipped with a 1GHz Intel Celeron M processor and 256MB RAM. The exclusive passively-cooled Kontron ThinkIO-P has a robust aluminum chassis and offers, along with its high computing power and internal flash, a Compact-Flash socket that can be used as a data storage unit or for backup/updates and all standard PC interfaces (2x USB, DVI analogue and digital, 1x serial). With two independent fast Ethernet interfaces, each with two opto-isolated digital I/O (24 V DC) and optional field busses (Profibus, CANopen or DeviceNet interfaces), the controller is well equipped for integration into modern and legacy industrial networks and in addition also performs gateway and firewall functions for vertical integration when needed. Operating system support is offered for Windows XP Embedded and Linux. SoftPLC on Realtime Linux is also optionally available and a watchdog and real-time clock complete the system's features.

Using contamination-proof connection of intelligent terminals with I/O systems 750 and 753 from Wago, the Kontron ThinkIO-P achieves a high degree of freedom in the design of application-specific I/O configurations. At the same time, not only analogue and digital interfaces can be inserted at various potential levels, but also variants such as AS-i-Bus, SSI, incremental encoders, and serial interface modules with RS232 and RS485 interfaces.

Areas of use with high shock and vibration resistance requirements and high EMC requirements are just as critical as very high or low temperatures. In these instances the Kontron ThinkIO-P is the suitable platform for certifications in the maritime or railroad area, e.g., according to Germanischer Lloyd or EN 50155. According to Germanischer Lloyd, when mounting motors or compressors, it is important to remember that a Category D and thus a 4g vibration test are relevant. By comparison, the industry standard according to EN61311-2/IEC60068-2-6 is: 1g. To meet the specifications of the corresponding norms, during the development of the Kontron ThinkIO-P it was ensured that no rotating or moving components were used. For that reason, the Kontron ThinkIO-P features exclusively soldered main storage (RAM) and mass storage (flash); no rotating media such as a hard drive are used.

EMC resistance is also very important today, since it is a matter of guaranteeing that systems will reliably function even if wire disturbances, electrostatic discharges or strong electromagnetic fields appear due to certain circumstances. By means of the completely closed aluminum chassis of the Kontron ThinkIO-P, EN 55022/Class B (emitted interference; EN 61000-6-4) is adhered to. The Kontron ThinkIO-P also meets the requirements concerning emission according to (interference resistance; EN 61000-6-2), a corresponding 1 kV surge test (wire surge voltages) and an 8 kV ESD test.

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