AMPTRAC connectivity management system is enhanced

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AMPTRAC connectivity management system is enhancedTyco Electronics has introduced a number of enhancements to the AMPTRAC connectivity management system from its AMP NETCONNECT Business Unit, including a new generation of analysers, added features and innovative software.

The AMPTRAC connectivity management system consists of port sensors, patch cords, patch panels, I/O cables, link cables, software and analysers, which together turn a network cabling system and its connected devices into an intelligent network. By revolutionising the way in which networks are controlled and documented, such intelligent networks reduce downtime, increase productivity, and improve asset utilisation.

The enhanced AMPTRAC system is a result of continued development efforts by Tyco Electronics to provide a state-of-the-art intelligent management system that offers reduced cost, easy implementation, and overall increased functionality.

The new AMPTRAC analysers feature major improvements in thermal efficiency: something that is vital in today's high-density and heat-generating data centres where excess heat can be a major contributor to downtime. The power consumption and heat generation of the analysers are at such low levels that no special precautions for heat management and dissipation are necessary.

Three Ethernet ports on each analyser operate as a 10/100 switch and support auto-negotiation and auto MDI/MDIx for higher data rates and better integration with the network. The larger 40-character/4-line display, added pushbuttons and full alphanumeric keypad make configuration simple, while built-in fault resilience increases the overall reliability of the system.

"The new AMPTRAC analysers can be configured as either 'master' or 'slave'

and connected with a standard Ethernet connection for simple, cost-effective installation", explains Eddie Boyce, Technical Support Manager, UK & Ireland for Tyco Electronics AMP NETCONNECT Solutions Division: "The addition of DB25 input/output connectors also improves system dependability by providing a more secure connection."

The new AMPTRAC analysers are available in 336-port and 168-port versions, and are supplied complete with FREE iTRACS Infrastructure Management (IM) software. The system currently supports up to 195 analysers, or 65,520 ports, with opportunity for future expansion.

Tyco Electronics has added several other enhanced features and components to the AMPTRAC Connectivity Management System, including:

  • AMPTRAC optical fibre LC connector system in both field installation and high-density MPO modular plug-and-play versions
  • AMPTRAC MRJ21 high-density, modular copper connector system for terminating high-performance Powersum 24-pair cabling to one connector
  • AMPTRAC XG shielded Category 6 solution to support 10 Gigabit Ethernet
  • AMPTRAC plug-and-play connector and I/O cable assemblies for fast and easy connection of AMPTRAC copper and fibre patch panels
  • Improved iTRACS IM software to optimise asset utilisation via real-time connectivity monitoring and effective network administration

"The new enhancements and additions to the AMPTRAC system are rooted in our on-going effort to take intelligent management systems to a whole new level", says Eddie Boyce: "Our development team will continue to enhance the AMPTRAC system to maximise its full potential, reduce cost, and create widespread market acceptance - all of which increases the value to the customer."

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