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High-end ETX 3.0 computer-on-module from KontronWith the launch of the Kontron ETX-CD based on the Intel CoreTM Duo processor at the upcoming autumn European trade fairs, Electronica and SPS/IPC/Drives, Kontron underscores the long-term availability of the worldwide top-selling Computer-On-Module (COM) standard ETX. This and other planned additions to the ETX product line represent Kontron's commitment to offering extensive investment assurance and upgrade possibilities on existing ETX-based designs. The Kontron ETX standard established in 2000, recently received a "refresh" and upgrade to version 3.0 enhancing the supported interfaces while still keeping the design 100 percent backward compatible with previous module revisions. The ETX Industrial Group thus ensures long-term support of ETX and OEM customers do not have to make even the smallest change in wiring on existing baseboard designs. Built around the Intel Core Duo processor, the RoHS-compliant Kontron ETX-CD is the high-end COM for embedded designs requiring PCI, ISA, SATA and USB 2.0 as well as all standard ETX interfaces.

The Kontron ETX-CD Computer-On-Module integrates the new Intel Core Duo processors, the mobile Intel 945GM Express chipset and up to 2 GB DDR2 S0DIMM main storage and offers maximum computing and graphics performance with comparatively low power input. Additional extensive add-ons that go beyond the standard facilitate customized baseboard designs. The standardized display adaptation with EDID 1.3 exemplifies this. Board support packages for the most current operating systems such as Windows XP Embedded and Linux are available for download. In the near future, additional modules for high-performance processors from Intel, AMD and VIA will further expand the array of offerings of Kontron ETX 3.0 modules.

About ETX 3.0

As a fundamental improvement on the previous revisions of the specification, ETX 3.0 now offers 2x serial ATA without changing the signals on the pins of the ETX connector. The SATA connectors are attached directly to the module in the predefined connector area and are within the height specifications previously defined for ETX designs. Thus, the SATA connectors and other ETX standard connectors are always in the same physical location. Kontron and members of the ETX Industrial Group support ETX 3.0 so as to maintain the existing original standard for many years to come. To obtain a copy of the ETX 3.0 specification contact Kontron or ETX Industrial Group ( A downloadable version of the ETX 3.0 specification also is available at

Baseboard designs included as needed

OEMs that not only use modules or boards from Kontron, but want to outsource the entire hardware design including carrier board design, can access Kontron's Boards & MORE Custom Solutions und Services. Here, experienced developers implement the latest interface technology on carrier boards for COMs and develop customized single-board computers. Numerous layouts have already been successfully realized in the last few years and mass-produced. Many customers use Kontron's Boards & MORE service in order to be able to use their resources even more effectively for their know-how. Close contact with the customer's developer team and professional project management during the entire product life bring the user further relief.

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