Reliance offers ultra-smooth Cool Muscle integrated servo motors

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Reliance offers ultra-smooth Cool Muscle integrated servo motorsReliance has confirmed its exclusive European distribution and development rights for the Cool Muscle range of integrated motors.

Enjoying extremely close ties with the manufacturer, Reliance supplies bespoke sub-systems, which, with intelligent engineering, offer excellent value compared with alternative systems based on standard components.

50,000 pulses per revolution and servo jitter of less than 0.1mRad give the Reliance Cool Muscle the smooth movement needed for accurate laser positioning while the onboard power management system only delivers the power required for the job in hand, thereby ensuring cool running. The units have a maximum operating speed of 3000rpm.

Simple and compact, with an innovative blend of technologies, the Reliance Cool Muscle units integrate an encoder, sensor, motor, motion controller and driver electronics. Utilising a vector drive with incorporated H infinity control, the Cool Muscle provides a cost-effective closed-loop system.

The system's H infinity control accommodates a wide range of load variation during motion, responding to dynamic loads across the entire speed range. This reduces the need to constantly tune gains, allowing higher inertia mismatches and providing increased motion flexibility.

The fully closed-loop system constantly monitors position while on-board power management monitors and provides torque based on load, thereby keeping the motor cooler than conventional stepper motors.

The unit's versatile control interface with multiple input capability offers: pulse (step and direction), analogue (0 to 5V), serial (RS232 and RS485) and PLC - all of which adds up to an easily adaptable motion control system. All units are RoHS compliant.

Compact daisy-chain and multi-drop topologies can provide 16- and 255-drive networks, respectively. Reliance offers full application support for integration into complete mechatronic systems.

Typical applications include:

  • Packaging and bottling conveyor systems, X-Y positioning systems and pick-and-place mechanisms
  • Laser positioning applications with servo jitter of less than 0.1mRad
  • Use in super-clean environments – Reliance can supply units cleaned and sealed, suitable for cleanroom, optical, laser, food industry and medical applications.

Not just a motor supplier, Reliance works in partnership with its customers from diverse markets to design, manufacture and test precision components and intricate mechatronic assemblies for the aerospace, medical, high-vacuum, defence and scientific instrument markets.

Reliance has enhanced its facilities with a new building to provide more space for design, development and testing. A new environmental test chamber has just been commissioned and additional test facilities will include non-destructive testing.

Combining a highly skilled and dedicated workforce with the latest CNC machining and inspection technologies, Reliance is committed to providing quality in terms of both manufacture and service. Reliance's quality system is registered to BS EN ISO 9001:2000 and the aerospace standard AS9100 Revision B.

Much of the company's assembly work takes place in its extensive cleanroom classified at ISO 14644-1 class ISO 7 (Federal Standard 209D, class 10,000).

Reliance is certified to the environmental management standard BS EN ISO 14001:2004

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