Sensicast launches intrinsically-safe thermocouple smart sensor

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Sensicast Systems is announcing the SensiNet TECO-1021 Thermocouple Smart Sensor. Suitable for use in harsh environments, the TECO-1021 is an intrinsically-safe wireless temperature monitoring device designed for Class 1 Div II hazardous locations.

A wide variety of thermocouples can interface with the Thermocouple Smart Sensor, enabling it to be used in a broad range of applications. The devices operate at 2.4GHz, and are FCC and CE approved. They report highly accurate (<+/-0.05 per cent) and repeatable real-time temperature measurements to a central management application.

The TECO-1021 operates as a component of Sensicast SensiNet, a self-configuring, self-healing, battery-operated wireless sensor network. The TECO-1021 integrates transparently with the new SensiNet Services Gateway, which is a fully self-contained network appliance with embedded connectivity and data-reporting functionality that manages the SensiNet network and integrates it with: legacy systems (eg Iconics, Intellution, Wonderware); built-in Web 2.0 data visualisation applications; and industry-standard communications protocols (SOAP, OPC, ODBC, XML).

The device is said to be simple to install and delivers extended hands-free operation in environments where wired sensing is either impossible or impractical, as well as in hazardous locations (refineries, oil and gas plants; steel and aluminium mills, for example), and in food production and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities.

Features and specifications:

  • Supports wide range of thermocouple types (K,T,R,S,E,J,B,C,N)
  • Monitors temperatures ranging from -100 to +1649deg C (-148 to +3000degF)
  • NEMA-4X rated housings and optional moisture resistant enclosures
  • Battery-operated and totally wireless so no data or power wiring is required
  • Long MTBF (battery life up to two years with two-minute reporting intervals)
  • Advanced radio design provides reliable connectivity in harsh RF environments

"Customers see significant improvements in efficiency, process control, environmental monitoring and safety after deploying SensiNet systems," claims Andrew Netburn, VP of Worldwide Sales at Sensicast.

"Through solutions built for hazardous environments, Sensicast can extend its leadership in providing Smart Sensor solutions for new applications and new industries that have previously not enjoyed the benefits of wireless sensor networking."

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