Press force calibration sensors handle loads up to 8000t

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Large industrial presses necessitate measurement of forces in the meganewton range. A new product line of MN press force calibration sensors (Type 9931A...) with measuring ranges from 250 to 2000t (2500 to 20,000kN) has been developed by Kistler to calibrate these large forces.

Furthermore, several sensors can be combined to increase the maximum measuring range for a particular application and force level. For example, four press force sensors, each with a range of 2000t, can be used in this way to calibrate presses with capacities in the range of 8000 tonnes.

Like all piezoelectric force sensors from Kistler, the new press force calibration sensors are particularly compact for their extremely wide measuring range, which extends from a few kilonewtons to their full scale value. Their small size makes them relatively manageable and especially suitable for on-site quasistatic and dynamic measurement of compression forces. The sensors were designed for either vertical or horizontal mounting (for example, for monitoring the closing force of injection moulding machines).

Their high rigidity makes them outstandingly robust and overload resistant, and they have a high natural frequency and interference immunity. Even after millions of load cycles, fatigue is not a problem - and frequent thermal cycling does not give rise to sensitivity drift. When correctly used, their service life is claimed to be virtually unlimited.

The sensors are calibrated as standard at 10 per cent intervals from 10 to 100 per cent of full scale in order to improve the accuracy of measurements performed in partial ranges.

A selection of special mounting accessories complements the sensors. Particularly notable are the optional tapered flanges available to help optimise force transfer while reducing the pressure on the press.

The modular design of the calibration sensor allows easy, problem-free replacement of worn or damaged parts, such as, for example, cover plates for the contact surfaces.

Advantages of the new series of sensors are said to be:

  • Enormously wide (kilonewton to meganewton) compression force measuring range
  • Calibrated from 10, 20, 30 ... 100 per cent of the measuring range as standard
  • High overload capacity
  • Manual handling possible
  • Vertical and horizontal mounting possible
  • Accessories available for near-ideal mounting and force transfer

23 October 2006

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