Mechanically jointed rodless cylinder is small and light

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Calls for a light, space-saving, mechanically jointed rodless cylinder with a high load capacity have been answered by the release of the series MY3M from SMC. Designed to compliment the company's existing MY3 range, the MY3M series features a slide bearing that dramatically improves both load weight and load movement performance. Now with the ability to put work pieces directly onto the work table, the need to select and install external guides is no longer necessary, resulting in further time savings.

Additional benefits from utilising a slide bearing are found in the huge space savings generated by incorporating an innovative oval-shaped piston in its design. With height and length savings of up to 28 per cent and 104mm, respectively, and weight reductions of up to 50 per cent, when compared to SMC's similar MY1M range, the new MY3M family really does offer miniaturisation combined with powerful performance.

Further standard features include air cushioning, with options for stroke adjusting units with integrated shock absorbers for even faster speeds and loads, a built-in magnet for direct mounting of auto switches on both sides of the cylinder, centralised piping and both direct or profile-mounting options.

24 November 2006

SMC Pneumatics (UK) Ltdvisit website
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