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MindGenius, the powerful mind-mapping software from Gael Ltd (East Kilbride, Scotland), is now available for download from the Adept Scientific website. Designed to improve work processes and productivity by providing a visual approach to planning and structuring ideas, this affordable software can be downloaded for immediate use.

MindGenius is a productivity tool that encourages users to think things through in order to minimise unexpected outcomes. Its origins are routed in the principles of mind-mapping created by Tony Buzan in the late '60s. Mind-mapping software helps connect and synthesise ideas and data, and ultimately create new knowledge - a description that is said to come from Bill Gates, writing in Newsweek recently.

Mind-mapping makes the most of our natural ability to visualise images. In general, when we take notes, plan projects or brainstorm ideas, we think in a linear fashion. But it is much more efficient to develop a solution in the form of branches radiating out from a central core: a mind-map.

MindGenius software turns mind-mapping techniques into powerful practical tools for daily use. Described by Adept as perhaps the best software implementation of mind-mapping, it presents a major breakthrough in managing techniques such as brainstorming, SWOT analysis, project management, impact analysis and change management. These are not easy to run effectively with traditional software that typically forces format rules that are not conducive to free thinking. MindGenius, on the other hand, allows full freedom of thought and generation of ideas, without losing track of the end product.

Gimmick-free and aligned to real business processes, MindGenius is far more effective than traditional paper-based methods of note taking, because it has been designed specifically to deliver results. It is useful as an aid to writing reports, managing meetings and making decisions - by structuring ideas and the way they inter-relate and progress, it significantly speeds up these processes and helps achieve better outcomes.

MindGenius is also of great value in education, helping students to express and communicate what they have learned, and teachers and lecturers with to prepare lessons and develop brainstorming topics for their classes.

MindGenius is available in business, education and home editions, all of which can be purchased for immediate download at

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14 December 2006

Adept Scientific (Alfasoft Ltd)visit website
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