Mini ITX board provides cost-effective performance

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Mini ITX board provides cost-effective performanceAxiomtek, as a trusted Applied Computing Platform provider, is introducing a cost-effective Mini ITX board, the SBC86806. This high-performance computing platform supports Socket 478-pin Intel Pentium 4, Intel Celeron, and Intel Celeron D processors with a FSB speed of 400/533MHz.

Compared to the existing Mini ITX form factor platforms in the market that do not have solid-state disk support, the SBC86806 provides a USB DiskOnModule (DOM) interface for embedded OS storage with booting capability. Furthermore, it inherits the advantages of cost and an LVDS LCD output interface from desktop architectures and laptop computers, respectively. Available with the above features, the SBC86806 gives system integrator a good balance between performance and cost.

The Mini ITX SBC maintains a PCI expansion interface through a riser card and supports rich I/O features including four COM ports, six USB 2.0 ports, and eight channels of digital I/O. This platform is suitable for transaction terminals, POS terminals and similar applications. The SBC86806's standard form factor and rich I/O features make it good for use in enclosures, and the standard form factor takes advantages of system implementation and makes it suitable for embedded applications.

Axiomtek claims the SBC86806 lowers the total cost of ownership by dramatically reducing the customer's system implementation costs and improving time-to-market by using standard I/O ports.

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