TP8 thermal imager captures clearer images

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With Bluetooth voice recording technology and a detector resolution 45 per cent higher than the standard 320 x 240 pixels, the TP8 thermal imager from Land Instruments International is claimed to set new standards wherever thermography is used to inspect equipment, plant, buildings, structures and other targets.

Within the measurement range -20 to +800degC, users can capture thermal and visual images simultaneously, record dynamic radiometric sequences of moving targets in real-time, and store up to 1000 images on the 2Gb storage card - all as part of the standard package. Automatic capabilities include hot spot and image centre detection, and preferred operational settings can be saved and recalled instantly.

Inspection reports can be created in minutes with a simple Microsoft Word interface using a predefined template or manually by the user, and can include the thermal and visual images, measurement details, annotated text and any other essential information.

IR and visual cameras

The TP8 uses a 384x288 IR camera and a colour 1280x1024 visual camera. Operators simply locate the scene to be inspected, press the shutter and then have both high-resolution thermal and visual images taken and saved together in a single file with text annotation and a voice recording of up to 30 seconds. The integrated laser locator helps to associate a hot spot shown in a thermal image with the real physical target.

Up to eight areas can be analysed simultaneously in live, zoomed, frozen or saved format with respective maximum, minimum or average temperatures indicated within each. Display options include line, histogram and isotherm.

The TP8 flash internal memory can store up to 450 images, with a further 1000 on the SD card.

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