Long-stroke grippers are compact and robust

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Just like the size existing PFH 200, Schunk's new PFH 150 long-stroke, parallel-finger gripper, with its shortened housing, is extremely robustness. A stable sheet/roller belt cover protects all bearing and drive elements against contamination.

Precise handling of various workpieces is assured by a drive via two fixed pistons, which generates even forces. Due to the low friction, a high degree of efficiency is achieved and wear is minimised. For a gripper with such a long stroke, the closing and opening times of approximately 0.8s are extremely fast. These high speeds require damping of the end positions.

Product features

  • Powerful long-stroke gripper for large components with high weights
  • High moment load capacity suitable for the use of long gripper fingers
  • Pneumatic double-piston drive with standing actuation piston, synchronised via rack and pinion
  • Direct air supply without hoses possible
  • Flexible connection on two sides in three connection directions

Basic technical data

  • Gripping force (overall force): 2200N
  • Stroke per finger: 150mm
  • Weight: 18.86kg
  • Maximum admissible finger length: 450mm
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