Modbus/TCP controller is based on X20 Ethernet version

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B&R has developed a Modbus/TCP model based on the X20 bus controller. Ethernet Powerlink is 100 per cent software-based, so the same hardware can be used. Ethernet/IP and Profinet RT models are in preparation. The Gigabit Ethernet bus controller developed by B&R will also be available for these open Ethernet protocols, which do not require an ASIC.

To transfer or receive I/O data on the fieldbus, the bus controller does not need to be programmed; it works simply by configuring the fieldbus master.

With the X20 bus controller, B&R continues to follow the completely modular strategy of its I/O modules. Claimed to be the most compact Ethernet bus controller available on the market, the unit is just 37.5mm wide. Made up of a base module, a supply module to supply the voltage for the entire system, and a fieldbus interface, the bus controller is extremely flexible fieldbus. The entire bus-independent backplane can be preinstalled. Pre-wiring is also possible thanks to the removable terminals. Two RJ45 interfaces make economical daisy-chain wiring possible.

23 October 2006

B&R Industrial Automation Ltdvisit website
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