PCI cards convert desktop PCs into oscilloscopes

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PCI cards convert desktop PCs into oscilloscopesNational Instruments is introducing PCI versions of two popular high-speed and high-density digitisers/oscilloscopes, extending the company's high-speed PCI offering to 2GS/s and its low-cost PCI offering to £330 (EUR475) per channel.

The National Instruments PCI-5152 general-purpose digitiser converts a desktop PC into a full-featured oscilloscope. It offers a 2GS/s real-time sampling rate on one channel or a 1GS/s real-time sampling rate on two simultaneous channels. For repetitive signals, the module features an equivalent-time sampling (ETS) mode to sample at up to 20GS/s. The board features 300MHz bandwidth and ranges from 100mV to 10V with 50ohm and 1Mohm software-selectable input impedance.

Engineers can customise the NI PCI-5152 digitiser through software to perform user-defined measurements in application areas including semiconductor chip characterisation, ultrasonic non-destructive test (NDT), optical coherence tomography (OCT) and mass spectroscopy.

Starting at just £330 per channel, the National Instruments PCI-5015 eight-channel, 60MS/s, 12-bit data acquisition board increases system channel density while lowering test costs. With picosecond-level synchronisation accuracy among multiple modules, the device is excellent for building high-channel-count systems in application areas such as linear and phased-array ultrasonic NDT.

FeatureNI PCI-5152NI PCI-5105
Simultaneous Channels28
Real-Time Sampling Rate1 GS/s (2-channel) / 2 GS/s (1-channel)60 MS/s
Equivalent Time Sampling Rate20 GS/s-
Bandwidth300 MHz60 MHz
Resolution8 bits12 bits
Input Impedance50ohm and 1Mohm (software-selectable)50ohm and 1Mohm (software-selectable)
Input Ranges100mV to 10V50mV to 30V
Onboard Memory512MB512MB
Starting Price per Channel£1640 (EUR2375)£330 (EUR475)

The NI-SCOPE driver, which is common to all NI digitisers, features more than 50 built-in measurement and analysis functions for time and frequency domain applications. Engineers can integrate the new digitisers with a variety of NI hardware including other digitisers, signal generators, high-speed digital I/O and multifunction data acquisition devices to create custom measurement systems. The PCI-5152 and PCI-5105 digitisers also work with all National Instruments software including LabVIEW, LabWindows/CVI and NI TestStand, as well as other common development environments such as C++, C# and .NET.

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28 March 2007

National Instruments Corporation (UK) Ltdvisit website
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