Five-pole M12 connector is quicker to assemble

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Harting is introducing a five-pole M12 connector that uses the company's Harax easy-assembly IDC technique.

The new Harax M12-L five-pole connector has been designed to meet growing industry requirements for sensor applications where five connections are involved. It is also compatible with industrial bus systems including the thin-cable DeviceNet and SafetyBUS p.

Cables with wire gauges from 0.25mm2 up to 0.5mm2 can be terminated using the time-saving Harax IDC technique.

Harax is a detachable insulation displacement connector system that combines the advantages of connectors and threaded cable glands in a single technology. Quick, easy termination is accomplished by simply removing the cable insulation, inserting the individual, non-stripped wires into the Harax connector, and tightening a screw cap. No special tools are required.

The resulting gas-tight connection qualifies for an IP67 rating, making the system excellent for industrial applications. Harax is also compatible with round cables containing a low number of strands, making it useful for areas where sensors and actuator boxes are used.

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