Touch-safe fuse terminal blocks for branch circuit protection

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New touch-safe fuse terminal blocks from Phoenix Contact accept Class CC and Class J fuses to meet National Electrical Code requirements for Branch Circuit Protection.

UL-Listed for Branch Circuit applications, the Class CC Fuse Holder, UK 10.3-CC HESI, is marked with 'Class CC only' and will reject 10.3 x 38mm fuses, commonly known as Midget fuses. It is available with a Short-Circuit Current Rating (SCCR) of 200kA. The original UK 10.3 HESI N has an increased SCCR rating up to 100kA and accepts both Midget and Class CC fuses for applications where supplemental protection is desired. The UL-Listed Class J versions, UK 20.6-J HESI and UK 27-J HESI, accept Class J fuses up to 30-60A respectively and also have an SCCR of 200kA.

All versions feature a large labelling area compatible with ZBF and ZBFT marking materials, dual-wire rating to allow multi-conductor connection and a broad wire range to allow maximum flexibility for installation professionals. Available with optional LED indication, an open-fuse condition can be readily identified in both AC and DC installations. Multi-pole configurations are also available, or can be field constructed using optional multi-pole accessory kits.

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