Servo amplifier is compatible with most fieldbuses

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Now available from Micromech, the Danaher Motion S700 is compatible with the Servostar 300 with advanced functional scope but having the same architecture and processor. It expands the family up to 24A output and has the familiar user-friendly start-up software.

It incorporates many fieldbus interfaces, has evaluation of most feedback devices and a wealth of predefined I/O and position control functions, making it an excellent choice for a wide variety of motion control tasks. The new features include a maximum output current of 24A and it is prepared for a safety expansion card to deliver safe-reduced speed and safe operational stop (there is already a restart lock onboard - safe stop - feature built-in). It has Ethernet bus communications onboard, a slot for an MMC memory card, backup for parameters and firmware, and an optimised resolver interface.

The drive can operate directly from an earthed three-phase mains supply of 208-480V and 50/60Hz; there is an integral mains filter, all connections are shielded directly at the amplifier, and DC-link circuits can be connected in parallel. It is fully programmable via an RS232 interface, has status monitoring via an LED display, and is suitable for 200mm switchgear cabinets. There is also an integrated interface for stepper controllers, master-slave operation and electronic gear.

Wide range of fieldbus interfaces

Further features include a CANopen interface as well as a position controller with sufficient memory for 180 motion tasks. The intelligent positioning deals with speed profiles, register control, jolt limiting, daisy-chained tasks, absolute and relative tasks, and several types of reference traverses.

Danaher's engineers have designed the S700 with an open hardware and software architecture and, thanks to that, the amplifier is ready for nearly all conceivable customer-specific modifications and fieldbus interfaces. The options available include, Profibus DP, Sercos, DeviceNet, SynqNet, EtherCat and, finally, an I/O-extension board. The S700 meets all the required standards, EMC Directive 89/336/EWG, Low Voltage Directive (LVD) 73/23/EWG and has UL/cUL certification pending

Innovative highlights of the digital control technology include the digital current controller (space vector PWM, 62.5us can be switched over to 31.25us if required), the flexible digital speed controller (62.5us) and the onboard position controller (250us can be switched to 125us if required) mean such customised options will handle virtually all drive tasks.

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