Hydraulic pump operates with load-sensing valve systems

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Hydraulic pump operates with load-sensing valve systemsParker Hannifin is adding the VP1-95 hydraulic pump to its range of variable-flow pumps. Specifically designed for use on mobile and off-road vehicle applications, such as cargo cranes, forestry cranes, refuse trucks and road maintenance vehicles, the cost-effective VP1-95 is suitable for use with most load-sensing valve systems and offers multi-functionality for hydraulic applications where power and precise control are required.

The high-performance VP1-95 pump features variable-flow mechanisms, thereby eliminating the need to increase engine speed for rapid movement, resulting in a reduction in heat loss and, therefore, fuel consumption. Compared with a traditional hydraulic system, this saving can be as high as several litres of diesel per hour, leading to reduced environmental impact as well as costs.

Parker's VP1-95 provides a flow of up to 200 litres per minute is able to withstand pressures of up to 420bar for use in challenging applications. Coupled with an effective load-sensing valve, the pump is able to offer high-precision manoeuvring and operator feedback for simple, efficient and safe control.

The robust VP1-95 is built to withstand hostile conditions, yet it is sufficiently lightweight and compact to be suitable for mobile applications. Parker's VP1 pump range also includes the VP1-45, the VP1-75, and the VP1-120, all offering higher pressure capabilities for improved performance and even greater reliability.

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