New options and possibilities for DualVee Motion Technology

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New options and possibilities for DualVee Motion TechnologySuch is the popularity of HepcoMotion's DualVee Motion Technology (DMT) that this product range has been the subject of further development to extend its application potential. The various new options that have been introduced as a result of this initiative will benefit light-duty applications in clean rooms through to rugged transport systems working in hostile environments. This linear guidance technology is now more flexible and even more cost-effective.

As before, the system is assembled from three basic components - tracks, guide wheels and bushings - all of which can be individually supplied to give the maximum design flexibility and overall cost-effectiveness. Several new wheel options are being introduced that save time and therefore cost. New integral bushed wheels, for example, eliminate the need to insert a separate bush into the wheel before assembly; this development reduces assembly time and component cost.

For low-load, cost-sensitive applications, the range now includes new polymer over-moulded wheels; these are complemented by the option of crown polymer over-moulded rollers that can run on flat tracks. The range also introduces new lower-cost drilled track and Pristinox processed stainless steel hardened track for applications calling for enhanced corrosion resistance.

A further choice is the new MinVee, a low-cost miniature linear guidance system using polymer or steel wheels and a smaller double-edged track.

Wheel capacities across the entire range have been increased by up to 40 per cent in many cases. This has been achieved through improvements to the internal bearing design and closer manufacturing tolerances. All this is available at no extra cost to the customer. An extended range of wheel cover and lubricator assemblies for integral bushed wheels is also available to extend system life.

About DualVee Motion Technology

DMT is based on a double-row angular contact bearing arrangement. In common with HepcoMotion standard vee technology, DualVee uses opposing concentric and eccentric bushings that provide a simple but effective means of adjustment for free-play and clearance between the track and guide wheels. The rolling contact between wheel and track provides a constant self-cleaning action.

Butt joining of the track is easily accomplished, enabling virtually any stroke length to be achieved. Single-edged tracks can be supplied in standard or custom lengths up to 6m if required, pre-drilled to suit individual design requirements. In comparison with round or square rail recirculating ball guides, DualVee is claimed to be 50 per cent quieter and significantly cheaper to install, as no ground surfaces are required.

DMT has been successfully employed in industrial linear guidance applications for over 30 years. As an integral part of the HepcoMotion product programme, it has proved a popular choice for anti-friction guidance mechanisms, typically in pick-and-place units and packaging machinery that do not require the ultra-high precision offered by the HepcoMotion GV3 System.

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