PSSuniversal 2 decentralised I/O for automation and safety

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PSSuniversal 2 decentralised I/O for automation and safetyPilz is launching the PSSuniversal 2 remote I/O header and expansion modules for automation and safety inputs and outputs. It can be used with any Profinet-based control system.

An extensive portfolio of I/O modules enables the PSSuniversal 2 to be used with a wide variety of automation and safety inputs and outputs, both digital and analogue. Typically a PSSuniversal 2 I/O system will be installed remotely and connected via Profinet to a higher-level controller.

Simple, versatile and granular, PSSuniversal 2 enables the I/O to be tailored to match the application requirements. Furthermore, modules are quick and easy to add or exchange, even when the machine is operating.

Each assembled PSSuniversal 2 system - which may comprise a header, voltage supply module, communications modules, and a mix of automation and safety I/O modules - can be used with the user's choice of automation data, safety data or a combination of the two. Data can be shared with a higher-level monitoring and control system via a Profinet and/or Profisafe.

Systems are configured using the new Pilz PASconfig drag-and-drop configuration tool. This intuitive software helps users to avoid errors and, ultimately, saves time so the system can be ready as quickly as possible.

Award-winning design

Pilz is very pleased that the PSSuniversal 2 won the 2017 iF Design Award in the Product discipline within the Industry category. The iF Design Awards are presented annually by Germany's oldest independent design institution, the iF International Forum Design GmbH in Hannover.

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