Customisable mobile industrial robot with 200kg payload

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Customisable mobile industrial robot with 200kg payloadRARUK Automation is introducing the MiR200 mobile industrial robot to complement the MiR100 that was launched in 2017. The MiR100 drew a lot of attention from manufacturers actively looking at the most cost-effective ways of automating their production and has already found favour with those seeking to optimise workflow, increase productivity and reduce costs.

With extraordinary flexibility and smart technology, the MiR200 can be used in virtually any situation where employees are spending time pushing carts or making deliveries. It removes the tedium, allowing staff to focus on higher-value activities.

The MiR200 autonomously transports a payload of up to 200kg on a load platform measuring 800x600mm and can be customised with top modules such as bins, racks, lifts, conveyors or even a Universal Robot cobot. It also has the option of a hook mechanism that provides a towing capacity of 500kg. Indeed, many of the MiR sales enquiries RARUK Automation has received to date have been for the MiR in combination with a Universal Robot, the six-axis collaborative robot arm that is also available from RARUK Automation. Top modules are easy and quick to change, so the MiR200 can readily be redeployed for different tasks.

MiR200 robots safely manoeuvre around people and obstacles, through doorways and in and out of lifts, and complies with EN 1525 (Safety of industrial trucks. Driverless trucks and their systems). CAD files of the factory or facility layout can be downloaded directly to the robot or it can be programmed via the simple web-based interface that requires no previous programming experience. The robot's route and task can then be easily changed using a smartphone, tablet or computer connected to the network; the MiR200's battery is sufficient for a runtime of 10 hours or 15km.

A key benefit of the MiR system is that it requires no network of expensive and inflexible wires or sensors to guide its path, so it is simple to integrate and provides a fast return on investment. The robot's built-in sensors, cameras and sophisticated software identify the surroundings so the robot can take the most efficient route to its destination.

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